4) IEP: Mental Health Related Services (MHRS)

What is MHRS?

Mental Health Related Services (MHRS) are educationally related mental health services, provided pursuant to an IEP.

Assembly Bill (AB114) shifted educationally-related mental health service obligations from counties to LEA's. LEA's are obligated to provide related services under the IDEA 20 U.S.C. 1400, et seq., and Education Code sections 56000 et seq., to eligible special education students who require such services to benefit from their educational program.

Who receives MHRS services?

Students with established special education services or in the process of being assessed for services. MHRS assessments are completed by qualified clinicians and memorialized on an IEP.

Who can refer to MHRS Assessment?

School site IEP teams, to include parents. Consultation process in place in order to assist teams when considering assessment; see Consultation Guidelines link below.

How do I get an MHRS Assessment started?

IEP team member(s) may consult with clinician assigned to the school site; see link below Assigned Clinician by School. Case manager to obtain signed assessment plan from parent/guardian and email the assessment plan to assigned clinician.

Types of services provided by MHRS:

Primary services include individual and group therapy, parent counseling and adjunct services. Adjunct services may include behavior intervention, case management, crisis management, consultation and collaboration with IEP team members.

Service Locations:

MHRS services provided at all SDUSD district schools, including separate sites, NPS, and alternative Schools.

Who provides MHRS Services:

The MHRS team consists of Licensed Mental Health Clinicians (LMFT/LCSW/PhD/PsyD/), Mental Health Case Workers (IMT/ASW), Rehabilitation Specialists, Clinical Psychologist, Supervising Lead and Lead LMHC's.