Board of Education Office

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*** ATTENTION EMPLOYEES: If you believe a board member has attempted to direct staff in an operational matter or displayed unprofessional conduct, you may lodge a complaint via the Fraud Hotline: (800) 539-6621 or visit the Fraud Hotline page for more information. Staff members who prefer to lodge a complaint in writing may submit their complaint directly to the Office of the Superintendent. ***

Members of the Board of Education are nominated by geographic sub-districts and elected by the entire school district for a term of four years.

Although each board member technically represents the entire school district, schools and members of the public in a particular sub-district commonly address issues to the board member nominated by that sub-district. For this reason, nominating sub-districts, along with schools geographically located within them, are listed below for each board member. However, you may contact any board member for any purpose.