Distribution Services

The San Diego Unified School District Distribution Department supports our students, teachers and staff by shipping and receiving of food, furniture, equipment, supplies and teaching materials focused on student success.

Distribution Services Supports:

  • Supply Center Warehouse Shipping and Receiving
  • Mail Services (Education Center Central Mail Room)
  • Student Records

Distribution Services provides the following services:

  • Warehouse and Distribution shipping and receiving of goods, supplies, equipment and furniture, textbooks, and Science Kits.
  • Distribution Services Supports the following
  • Centralized Universal Waste Delivery Pick up
    • Donation pick up and Deliveries
    • Textbook Transfer / Discards
    • Student Records
    • Centralized Shredding
  • We support Moves: for Teachers and Central office Personnel, as well as supporting Physical Plant Operations and Facilities with new construction, and central office/ Department moves.
  • We support intra District Mail Services to all San Diego unified school sites as well as Central offices.