Employee Engagement & Well-Being

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At San Diego Unified, we know that each one of our team members is at the center of our success. Without your hard work, expertise, and commitment to our schools, we couldn’t make a difference for the students we serve. 

In an effort to better support employees and build a better workplace, we have partnered with Gallup, an independent research-based consulting company, to measure the engagement and well-being of our employees.

Our goal is to create an environment where employees find purpose in being part of an organization committed to fostering equity, thriving, and a sense of belonging for each individual.

The initial survey window has closed, and we are waiting to receive comprehensive data reports from Gallup. 

Once all the data is in, we’ll look at overall trends and report what we see. After reviewing the data, we’ll better understand how people feel and where we might want to improve.

We are committed to taking action on the results, and we look forward to making employee engagement and well-being a focus of our work this year.



Resources for the Five Essential Elements of Well-Being

As part of a comprehensive global study of more than 150 countries, giving a lens into the wellbeing of more than 98% of the world's population, Gallup identified five distinct statistical factors that are the universal elements for a thriving life. 

Staff are encouraged to explore the definitions of these aspects of well-being and access the following resources to improve their personal well-being.


Employee Engagement & Well-Being Survey FAQs