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NSEO Update: UTK Through Grade 1 Age Requirements

Please verify birthdates for all students being offered a seat at your site. Pupils entering TK and K must meet the minimum age requirements. The district enrolls students per CA Ed Code age guidelines as follows:

-Student turning 4 before September 2 are eligible for UTK.

- Student turning 5 between September 2 - December 2 are eligible for Transitional Kindergarten.

-Student turning 5 before September 2 are eligible for Kindergarten.

-Student turning 6 before September 2 are eligible for 1st grade.

If you have any questions, please contact Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options at 619-260-2410. Thank you.

NSEO Update: Early Learning Enrollment is under NSEO's Umbrella

Early Learning enrollment is now part of the services offered to families at the Family Welcome and Enrollment Center.  The enrollment process is managed by Scribbles, an online system.

Parents interested in applying for the part-day or extended day program may do so at the "Apply for Early Learning" link. Parents will be required to attach all necessary documentation. Please visit our public webpage and click on the "Early Learning Options (Part-Day Preschool)" link for more information.

Parents interested in UTK | Universal Transitional Kindergarten must contact one of the 118 school sites directly to inquire about space availability and enrollment.

For More Information, Contact:

San Diego Unified School District
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Staff available 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday

General Enrollment Inquiries

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Email: [email protected]

Early Learning Options

Phone: (619) 260-2410  

Email: [email protected]

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