Forms (Payroll)

Certificated Payroll Forms

For certificated employees seeking authorization for "Extended Day" pay.

For certificated employees to report miscellaneous types of pay, such as adult ed, tutoring, curriculum writing, workshop, pro-rata, etc.

To request annual supervision stipend payments.


Classified Payroll Forms

For reporting classified property rental assignments.

For classified employees to report hourly, extra, overtime and workshop time.

To report pay for classified Walk-On-Coaches.

For classified employees to report compensatory time earned and taken.


Leave Forms

For classified employees to request vacation, floating holiday, PPI, sick leave incentive, 2-hr personal business or RWY absences.

To request absences for district business.

To report industrial accident leave.

To request paid or unpaid absences after having been approved for FMLA.

To request maternity leave.

For employees to request short term leave WITH pay. This includes jury duty and bereavement.

For employees to request short term leave WITHOUT pay.

For classified employees to report sick leave, personal business or personal necessity.

For employees to request COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave as defined by the CA Senate Bill 114 (Jan 1, 2022 through Sept 30, 2022   December 31, 2022).  


Miscellaneous Payroll Forms

For non-management contracted certificated employees to request compensation for postponement of jury duty.

For eligible employees to request up to two hours of compensation for attending the New Hire Orientation.

For Timekeepers to report timekeeping errors to the Payroll Department.

This form is used to transfer a sick leave balance to SDUSD from another educational state agency under California law.

For employees to cancel various voluntary payroll deductions.


Direct Deposit Forms

To request direct deposit.

To cancel direct deposit.


Tax Withholding Forms

The IRS W-4 Form to claim withholding allowances for federal taxes with an added area at the top of the page to include your employee ID for SDUSD. 

This form is used to claim withholding allowances for California state taxes.