Part 1c: Create a Positive Image

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Marketing is absolutely essential for building a positive
image about your school and instilling pride in your staff and students. It can enhance internal and external awareness of the good work being accomplished by your school and, in turn, the district as a whole.

Perhaps the first challenge in any marketing campaign is to establish in the minds of your customers -- or potential customers -- what your product or service stands for.

For Example:

...when you think of Mercedes-Benz, you probably think of luxury
and status.

Mercedes-Benz logo

Target means value for your dollar.

Target logo

FedEx means fast and reliable.

FedEx logo

Consider YOUR SCHOOL's Identifying Symbol(s)

Sometimes called a mascot, a logo is any name, letters, graphics, or symbol combined together to produce a unique personality. It can capture the essence of your company or school - what you stand for, your objectives and your goals. It is a great marketing tool to help audiences distinguish your school from others across town.

Take if from the successful corporations listed above: it is important to consistently display your logo on signage, printed material and the website. This symbol should be visible in and around the school grounds where it can be celebrated by the students and remembered by the community.

Having a logo professionally designed is recommended. Some unique logos can be designed by students, faculty or parents, or simply donated by the community.
Avoid Clip Art which generally lacks originality.

To learn more, contact Dan Howe.

Barnard Elementary Magnet School Logo

Barnard Elementary
Mandarin Chinese Magnet


What does your school stand for? A little hint, "Education" is not the right answer. That's like saying, "Drink Coca-Cola because it's wet." If you want parents to feel confident that your school is the very best place to send their child, you have to tell them why.

How do you do that? Through a step-by-step process that's research-based and feeds off of collaboration, creativity and communication among those with a vested interest in your school and your students' success.

Part II: It All Starts with Research