Grant Application Process

*** Please Note -- Changes in 2022 Highlighted Below ***


CSA Mission Statement:

The Community Service Association of San Diego Unified School District is a nonprofit association organized to solicit contributions from district employees for recognized charitable agencies in San Diego County which support the arts, education, health, and human services.

¨       The grant application is posted below, please scroll down.

¨       Applications--no more than one page in length--will be accepted each January 1 – February 28 via email to [email protected].  

¨       PREVIOUS-YEAR GRANT RECIPIENTS:  In order to be considered for a future grant -- and for tax and audit purposes -- you must submit via US Mail* a letter acknowledging receipt of the past grant along with appropriate documentation/receipts showing how grant funds were used.  The acknowledgment letter and receipts must be received by CSA via US Mail no later than the February 28 following the previous grant award. 

¨       Tax Form 990, Pages 1-5, must be submitted along with the grant application.  (If an organization is not required to file Form 990, a notation to that effect should be made in the email cover message.)  Tax Form 990 is the only enclosure that should be submitted with the grant application.  Brochures, letters, or other support documentation will not be considered.

¨       CSA does not accept grant requests for funding for:

- salaries for agency personnel (including fees to hire agency consultants, artists, etc.),

- office equipment for/used by agency staff (e.g. computers, sound systems, furniture, etc.), or

- fundraising, advertising, or promotional expenses for the agency.

Grant Application Timeline:

Over 100 grant applications are reviewed during three Board of Directors meetings in March, May, and June.  If a grant application is not going to be funded then an email notification will be sent to the applicant by the end of June.  If a grant application will be partially or fully funded then a notification letter and a check will be sent to the applicant via US mail by the end of August.  Thank you for your patience with this timeline.

Criteria used to evaluate grant applications:

1.         - Organization is aligned with CSA mission

2.         - Measurable outcomes are included.

3.         - Outcomes have a direct impact on SDUSD students/community members

4.         - Outcomes are aligned with what is being requested

5.       - The proposal discusses contributions to the positive development and support of students and community members

6.        - Need is evident in annual budget and in programs for which funds are being requested

7.    - Acknowledgment letter and receipts received from past grant recipient via US Mail. New applicant communicates how they will acknowledge and document use of grant funds.

Questions may be directed to CSA's Administrative Support Person, at [email protected].

1) Grant application guidelines.pdf

2) Grant Application Form in Word

3) Grant Application Form in pdf

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