Office Supplies

Office supplies are to be purchased from Office Solutions via Independent Stationers (District's preferred supplier PRIMARY), using the PeopleSoft eProcurement Direct Connect website for online ordering.  The district no longer has a contract with Staples.  User-friendly changes to the process of ordering office supplies will be announced in September.

Computer Related Products: PRICE CHECK against GovConnection - Contact Jennifer Dew at [email protected] and request a quote.

LAMINATION SUPPLIES should be purchased through New Precision Technology, Supplier ID 0000013544.

  • Lamination Supplies have a price guarantee until October 17, 2024
  • NOTE:  Must be purchased in quantities of 2.
  •   7669 LAM FILM (1.5 Mil 25" x 500' x 1" CORE) $26.00 each
  •   7670 LAM FILM (1.5 Mil 25" x 500' x 2 1/4" CORE) $26.00 each
  •   7671 LAM FILM (1.5 Mil 27" x 500' x 1" CORE) $27.00 each
  • Discount of 7.5% on any other item.

FLAGS should be purchased through Liberty Flags (800-322-3524).  See attached quote.  Valid until 12/30/2024.

 For more information, contact Lilia Smith at 858-522-5809, [email protected]