Contracting Process (Contract Intake Form)

In an effort to help our customer departments better understand contracting and procurement for San Diego Unified School District, the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts department has developed a user-friendly manual. View the manual here: Contracting & Procurement Manual.

As of October 1, 2019, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts is requiring electronic intake forms. To request a contract or agreement with a company, consultant, or organization, complete the following Intake Form request:

If services are greater than $250,000, the Cost/Price Analysis form must be attached to the intake form. Cost/Price Analysis

Make sure to check the Contract Intake Form due dates prior to submitting your request Contract Intake Form Board Due Dates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Contract Intake Form FAQs

Purchasing greater than $10,000 FAQs

Unsure who is assigned to support your school or department with contracting? Point of Contact

Contract Process

Step 1- Contact your Strategic Sourcing & Contracts (SS&C) point of contact linked above to assist with processing contracts, agreements, and amendments; and purchasing supplies and professional services. The department is knowledgeable with State and Education code. The employees in SS&C will help to answer any questions you may have with this process. The employees are educated and experienced in contract negotiations.

Step 2 - Complete the electronic intake form through the Smartsheet request link identified above. You cannot start and save the electronic request, therefore; ensure you have all the required information before you begin. The form will be submitted to Executive Level Leadership for final approval before landing in Strategic Sourcing and Contracts to begin working the request. The workflow is all electronic. No paper submittals will be accepted after October 1, 2019.

Step 3 - Ensure you have attached a Scope of Work EXAMPLE. Attach a W9 form to the request as well. Consultants and Companies are familiar with a W9 form. This form ensures the District is contracting with the legal entity identified in the contract and payments will be sent to the appropriate address.

Step 4 - The SS&C point of contact will perform the following tasks: Initiate a contract number; start a contract file, review all terms, conditions, and insurance and negotiate cost and assist in revising the scope of work to ensure all tasks are clear and appropriate to the District's goals and objectives. SS&C will submit the contract for Legal, Labor, and Board of Education approval. Implementation can be anywhere from eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks depending on complexity of the agreement and services. Be sure your request is clear and concise to help expedite this process.

Step 5 - After Board of Education approval, the contract will be emailed through DocUSign. Electronic Signature (DocuSign) Assistance (Please check your Junk or Spam mail folders for emails from Original Agreements are dispersed only when requested.

Independent Contract Agreements

Contracts less than $10,000 annually, not professional in nature, and require no signature by a District representative can be completed through and ICA Form:

ASB/School Site Venue Contract Request

When a school site is requesting to utilize locations and venues for off-campus celebrations and events and the support services associated with those celebrations and events, the school site should exercise the contracting timeline above to allow the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Office 12 weeks to process the Agreement. In the event this timeline cannot be met, the board of education has delegated authority to the Superintendent, the Chief Operating Officer, or the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Officer to sign these contracts, on behalf of the Board of Education. All agreements for these types of services MUST be paid by Associated Student Body (ASB) and Booster Club funds. All agreements for these types of services and venues shall be brought forward to the board for ratification. ASB and School sites should still utilize the intake form:

Master Contract List (Coming Soon)

If you have any question regarding any of the processes above, please contact (858) 522-5808