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IEP Transition to PowerSchool


The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) has initiated a transition towards an improved electronic IEP process. SDUSD has expanded its partnership with PowerSchool to include their "Special Programs" IEP management system. The new PowerSchool IEP system will enhance collaboration across users and parents, streamline case management responsibilities, and increase compliance with the California Department of Education. San Diego Education Association (SDEA) and SDUSD plan to release joint communications/updates through the transition process specific to the phased release of PowerSchool's "Special Programs" IEP management system. These communications will be posted in SDEA's newsletter as well as on SDUSD's web site. SDUSD plans to have PowerSchool's "Special Programs" IEP system prepared for full release and all users trained by September 2020. At that time, the current SEAS system will go dark and no longer be accessible. Lastly, SDUSD will release dates, times and locations for public forums related to the transition to PowerSchool. These forums will allow an opportunity for "Question and Answer" discussions and provide a venue to deliver additional updates. SDUSD looks forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders during this transition to a new IEP management system

ESY Information

Start Dates 

Extended School Year (ESY) is quickly approaching. The Special Education Division would like to share information regarding the set up/preparation for ESY registration. At this busy time of year, we appreciate your collaboration and support through this process. Remember, ESY is for regression/recoupment. High School students who are diploma-bound, should be placed in the regular credit recovery program using Summer School, not ESY. Parents are being notified Friday, February 28th, 2020 to expect contact from their Case Manager regarding ESY.

This year we are offering ESY in two sessions, the first for students who currently attend traditional calendared sites, the second for students who currently attend year-round calendared sites. Session dates are listed below.

Here are important points and attachments for your reference.

  • ESY Registration and Assignments
    • Again this year, ESY registration and assignments will be completed through PowerSchool Admin, using the Summer Link.
    • Prior to enrollment, case managers should contact parents to ensure the student will or will not attend. This will allow them to have the answers ready for you to complete the ESY Registration page in PowerSchool. Parents will be notified on Friday, February 28th, 2020 to expect contact from their case manager regarding ESY.
    • Case managers will complete the ESYregistration page for each ESY-eligible student. Refer to the attached job aid (ESY 2020 Registration Process Instructions).
    • Refer to the attached step-by-step directions for case managers (ESY 2020 Checklist for Case Managers).
  • Access to ESY in PowerSchool Admin - for assistance with PowerSchool Admin contact Naomi Lewis,, 619-725-7426.
    • Case Managers will need to request ESY access in PowerSchool Admin to complete the ESY Registrations. Your site tech can provide access upon request. If you do not have a site tech, contact Naomi Lewis.
    • Reports are available to everyone who currently have access to PowerSchool Admin.
    • Sites will be responsible for printing ESY Assignment letters for their students. Assignment letters are available only after the assignments have been made by Special Ed.
  • ESY Host Sites and Dates
    • ESY Host Sites have been selected. Please see the attached document (ESY 2020 Host Sites) for sites, bell times, and specialized programs. Remember, students are assigned to an ESY site based on their school of residence, not their school of attendance.
      • High School dates are June 15-July 24
      • Traditional Elementary and Middle School dates are June 15-July 10
      • Year-Round Elementary and Middle School dates are July 27-August 21
  • Extremely Important Attached Documents:
    • ESY Registration Process Instructions
    • ESY 2020 Host Sites
    • 2020 ESY Checklist for Case Managers
    • ESY 2020 Transportation Information for Case Managers
    • ESY 2020 Bus Monitor Forms
    • ESY 2020 Course Listing
    • ESY Progress Report Form
    • Administrative Circular 45 (for certificated staff), with eRecruit job aid

(Information for ESY job postings for classified staff will be available at a later date.)

For assistance with access, registrations or reports please feel free to contact Naomi Lewis,; 619-725-7426, with your name, ID# and site.

Start Dates

  • High Schools - June 15th through July 24th, 2020
  • Elementary/Middle (Traditional Schools) June 15th through July 10th, 2020
  • Elementary/Middle (Year-Round Schools) July 27th through August 2st, 2020