Vacation Policy

Employees who are eligible to accrue vacation and who are at or above 328 hours can carry excess vacation accrual forward for use prior to August 31 of each year. (Regular classroom teachers do not accrue vacation.) Any vacation time that exceeds 328 hours at the end of August will be paid to the employee on the September pay warrant. At the same time, the employee's vacation balance will be reset to 328 hours. District policy and collective bargaining agreements continue to maintain a maximum carryover of 328 vacation hours. Accrued vacation hours are posted on employee pay warrants in the lower left corner.

This policy provides payment to employees in the event they are unable to take vacation that exceeds 328 hours prior to August 31. If it is necessary to make payments to employees that have exceeded the cap, the associated expense will be charged directly to their site discretionary budget.

It is important that employees be provided the opportunity to take time to rest and rejuvenate. Managers and supervisors should make all reasonable efforts to assure their employees do not have a balance greater than the 328 hour maximum at the end of August each year. Managers and supervisors should review employee vacation balances on a monthly basis and work with staff to schedule vacation time if needed.

Employees are also responsible for monitoring their vacation balances to make sure they do not exceed 328 hours as stated in collective bargaining agreements within individual Leave Policy articles. A manager or supervisor may require an employee to use vacation hours to avoid reaching the maximum accumulation of 328 hours.

Two reports are available to timekeepers in PeopleSoft (Navigation=HCM>Benefits>Manage Leave Accruals>Leave Balance Reports) to review vacation accruals. The best time to run these reports is following the completion of the monthly payroll or the last day of each month.  Timekeepers should run these reports on a monthly basis and provide the results to managers/supervisors who will use the information to manage leave schedules and advise employees.

With questions regarding budget implications, contact your budget analyst. With questions regarding the PeopleSoft reports or vacation balances, contact your payroll specialist.