Receiving of Goods

An electronic "receipt" must be created in PeopleSoft to enable Accounts Payable to pay for all goods and services. For schools and sites without a designated person on site to process sales receipts, packing slips, or invoices into an electronic "receipt", the following process will be followed.

For items that are delivered directly from a vendor to your site (not from the district warehouse) orpurchased and picked up from a vendor location by a district employee, the district's Receiving Department will key in the dollar amount and/or quantity to create a "receipt number" that will facilitate payment by

Accounts Payable.

For auditing purposes, a copy of the receipt or packing slip must be sent to the Supply Center Warehouse Receiving by either:

  1. Scanning and attaching to an email and sent to Supply Center Warehouse Receiving ([email protected]).
  2. Or faxed to Supply Center Warehouse Receiving at (858.496-8052).

The email or fax MUST contain the following information:

  • Sales receipt (for items purchased and picked up from a vendor location) and packing slip (not invoice), is delivered by a Vendor to your location.
  • Cash Register Receipt Transaction # (where applicable)
  • Total dollar value (including sales tax)
  • Purchase Order number

================= Once this has been done =================

  1. Make a copy for your Records, and then
  2. Send the Original receipt/packing slip to Accounts Payable (Ed Center - Rm#3141), making sure that the Term PO# is referenced on the original documents.