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Vendor Assignments Effective 10/01/2020

Vendors, Employee Travel, Expense reimbursements, and mileage claims are assigned to A/P staff alphabetically by the payee's last name or company name.

AP Contacts documents:

Vendor Assignments 2020.10.01 by Alpha

Vendor Assignments 2020.10.01 by Specialist


A Amy Fulford 725-7768
B Celeste Gutierrez 725-7758
C Tina Jair 725-7764
D Phuong Pham 725-7761
E Phuong Pham 725-7761
F Terry Marino 725-7763
G Terry Marino 725-7763
H Celeste Gutierrez 725-7758
I Terry Marino 725-7763
J Tina Jair 725-7764
K Amy Fulford 725-7768
L Terry Marino 725-7763
M Celeste Gutierrez 725-7758
N Phuong Pham 725-7761
O Phuong Pham 725-7761
P Terry Marino 725-7763
Q Celeste Gutierrez 725-7758
R Tina Jair 725-7764
S (SDG&E - Cordae Auld) Mercedes Wiles 725-7765
T Celeste Gutierrez 725-7758
U Amy Fulford 725-7768
V Tina Jair 725-7764
W Phuong Pham 725-7761
X Amy Fulford 725-7768
Y Tina Jair 725-7764
Z Amy Fulford 725-7768
Construction & Prof. Services Contracts Cristi Childers 725-7683
Payroll Deductions & Wire Transfers Cordae Auld 725-7759
PCard Transactions Stephanie Trump 725-7765
Employee Travel, Acacia Travel Cordae Auld 725-7759
Mileage and CBI Reimbursements
(By Employee Last Name)
All - See Vendor Letter
Food Services Vendors A - F
American Produce, Domino's, Sysco, Hollandia
Employee Reimbursements and Lunch Refunds A-F Catering Invoices
Elsa Clark Ventura 725-7760
Food Services Vendors G-Z
Giuliano's Bakery, Goldstar, Hollandia, P&R Paper
Employee Reimbursements and Lunch Refunds G-Z Catering Invoices
Valeria Carrizosa 725-7771
General Accounts Payable Questions and Inquiries:
(619) 725-7755 - Phone (619) 725-7769 - Fax