Gallup Survey

In an effort to better support employees and build a better workplace, San Diego Unified School District has partnered with Gallup, an independent research-based consulting company, to measure the engagement and well-being of district employees.

The initial baseline survey was administered in the fall of 2023. Results from the survey can be found here.

Gallup Q12 Engagement Survey Questions

The Employee Engagement & Well-Being Survey features questions specifically created to help measure an employee's engagement and perception of San Diego Unified’s culture. Answers to these questions reveal how employees feel about an organization and whether employees are supported and able to thrive in their work. The twelve Gallup engagement questions (Q12) help San Diego Unified better understand the needs of its employees, what the district is doing well, and where opportunities to improve exist.

Gallup Q12

Initial Survey

More than 5,600 San Diego Unified employees shared their feedback in the initial Gallup survey, which was conducted in the fall 2023. Staff input helps leaders and teams make positive changes to enhance the work experience at San Diego Unified.

View a summary of the district-wide results here.