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UTK Enrollment

Instructions on how to access the UTK Pre-Enrollment Training video:

Step 1. You will need the following passcode (copy): 8JamSU$8.

Step 2. Click on the UTK Pre-Enrollment Training link.

Step 3. Once the window opens, sign in by selecting the Google icon as seen in the picture below.

UTK Pre-Enrollment Training pic

Step 4. In the Zoom window, enter the passcode (paste): 8JamSU$8

UTK Pre Enrollment Training PowerPoint

Here is a link to the UTK Pre Enrollment Training PowerPoint:

PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Forms 

PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Form Race-Ethnic Definitions



Fillable PDF PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Forms 


English | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese


English | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese

PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Form Instructions 


English | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese


English | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese

2021-22 Enrollment Guide

General Enrollment Forms

Affidavit of Birth  English

Affidavit of Childcare  English

Caregiver Authorization Affidavit  English  |  Spanish

Declaration of Residency  English  |  Spanish

Home Language Survey  English and Spanish  |  Vietnamese

Verification of enrollment letter signed  English

Verification of enrollment and attendance letter English

Transfer Request to Return to Neighborhood School Form  English | Spanish

Transportation Application  English

Universal Form  English  English  |  Spanish

New Housing Questionnaire for Families

Fillable PDF of Health Forms

CHDP - Medical Exam Report  English | Spanish

Oral Health Assessment  English  |  Spanish

SDUSD CAIR Form  English | Spanish

Health Information Exchange  English | Spanish 

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan 2018-06

Physician’s Recommendation for Medication 8-18

Asthma Action Plan English | Spanish 

BULLETINS & CIRCULARS/Enrollment Related Forms

Attachment: Choice Informational Letter-Sample English | Spanish

Attachment 1: 2021-2022 Enrollment Options Applications English | Spanish

Attachment 1: Declaration of Residency Form English | Spanish

Attachment 2: Caregiver Authorization Affidavit English | Spanish

  • Affidavit of Childcare (must be completed for all enrollment of pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade students at a school other than their school of geographic residence for purposes of childcare)

Attachment A: Warning Letter-Sample

Attachment B: Revocation Letter-Sample

Interdistrict Transfer Application (IAP)-Form 341: English | Spanish 

Attachment: Informal Site Initiated Placement (ISIP) Form

Attachment 1: Unsafe School Option Parent Letter

English | Spanish | Somali | Tagalog

Attachment 2: School Transfer Option Parent Request Form

English | Spanish | Somali | Tagalog

  • Transfer Request to Return to Neighborhood School Form English | Spanish

Attachment: Transportation Student Tracking Liaison Guide

Attachment 1: School Bus Safety Program/Bus Evacuation Schedule

Attachment 2: Bus Safety Education Parent Letter English | Spanish

Attachment 3: School Bus Safety Instruction and Emergency Bus Evacuation Report

Attachment: School Bus Emergency Procedures and Passenger Safety Instructions

Attachment: Bus Evacuation Schedule Middle Schools 2019-2020

District Procedures and Forms

  • New Board Policies (BP) and Administrative Regulations (AR)

Info Circular 504 provides information on the District's process of converting its current Policies and Administrative Procedures (AP) to California School Boards Association (CSBA) formatting and numbering. Newly adopted Board Policies (BP) and Administrative Regulations (AR) are posted below and are available at A Policies, Procedures, Regulations Cross-Walk Chart is provided for reference.

  • (New) Series 5000 - Students

General Resources

Historical Data

Boundary / School Maps

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Choice Application Window for 2022-23 School Year

The EO Choice application window for the 2022-23 school year will open on October 4, 2021, and close on November 15, 2021.

Apply English Apply Espanole

Choice Enrollment Information

Attention all Site Enrollment Clerks: The following steps are both required to submit a 2021-22 Choice Application Form:

  1. Submit a completed paper copy of the Choice Application Form
    1. Download the 2021 - 22 Choice Application Form English| Spanish
    2. Print out the 2021 - 22 Choice Application Form
    3. Complete the 2021- 22 Choice Application Form, scan, and email to Alma Diaz at [email protected]. If you have any questions, please call (619) 260-2410.

All Choice applications must be submitted electronically. If families are unable to access the online application they should contact our office at (619) 260-2410, send an email to [email protected], or contact any school for assistance.

  • Late applications will be accepted after November 15, 2021, and will be processed in time/date order of receipt. No priorities will be applied to late applications.
  • When applying for kindergarten, you must select Pre-K for the current grade level. For Transitional Kindergarten, please select the check box.

Online applications are not available for some district schools. Please contact the school directly if you wish to enroll your child at any of the following schools:

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See also:

Enrollment Options Information

Attachment 1: 2020-2021 Enrollment Options Applications English| Spanish


School Choice/Open Enrollment Act

The School Choice Program provides students with the opportunity to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. Students may apply to any school within the district. No transportation is offered through the School Choice Program. Enrollment through the School Choice Program is on a space-available basis. Submitting an Enrollment Options Application for School Choice does not guarantee enrollment in the school. Open enrollment for the School Choice Program is Oct. 4, 2021-Nov. 15, 2021, for the school year 2022-23. Apply online.

The California Assembly passed legislation that requires the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction to annually create a list of 1,000 lower-performing public schools, based on a set of criteria outlined in the Open Enrollment Act (SBX5 4). This list of schools is called the Open Enrollment Act list. The legislation requires that no Local Education Agency (LEA) in the state, such as San Diego Unified, can have more than ten percent of its schools on the list. If your child's school is on this list they will have priority enrollment for schools with higher API. This includes schools in and outside of the district. For more info, visit the California Department of Education.

Resident Students

Resident students do not apply for the School Choice. You may verify your school of residence by using the SDUSD online Boundary Lookup or by calling (619) 725-5672. If you move from the resident boundary of a school and would like your student to continue at that school, you must apply through the Open Enrollment Program. No special priority is given to students who were resident students in the past.

Continuity to Middle and High Schools

District students enrolled under the School Choice Program may continue to middle and high schools in the feeder pattern without having to reapply, as long as space is available. For more information please see the Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options Enrollment Guide 2022-23.

Elementary GATE Cluster Open Enrollment Program

Qualified GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Cluster elementary students whose resident school does not offer a cluster program may submit an Enrollment Options application. The application receives priority during the Enrollment Options Priority Application Period. Late applications are not accepted for this priority.

Seminar students may apply through School Choice to attend any school. There is no priority for seminar students and there is no guarantee that a seminar program may be available at the requested school.

Specialized Courses Not Offered at the Neighborhood Schools

The School Choice Program does give priority to students wanting a special course not offered at the neighborhood school. The request is handled on case-by-case basis. Students needing to enroll in a course that is not offered at the neighborhood high school may request a special exception to enroll in the course at another school. It must be submitted in writing with an Enrollment Options application and must be received during the Enrollment Options Priority Application Period. The following applies to requests for a specialized course:

The student may attend the school only while enrolled in the course

  • The school must have available space in the course
  • The request will not be granted at Magnet Schools

Open Enrollment Priorities

Continuity: School Choice students articulate with the School Choice school's resident students during regular articulation (no application required, except for out-of-district students).

  1. Elementary Gifted Cluster Program
  2. General School Choice request
  3. Out-of-district request


For NSEO Staff Only 

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