Free COVID Testing

Free COVID-19 Testing
Posted on 11/20/2020

If you’re a school district staff member in San Diego County, free COVID-19 testing is available to you. About 40 percent of those carrying the virus display no symptoms, which is why routine testing is important.

The County has convenient testing facilities located near your home or school. Some are designated for school personnel only. 

For convenience, any school staff member can also go to any one of the County’s other testing facilities. For a list of those sites and their hours of operation, see this County map, or call 211 for information.

  • What: Free COVID-19 Testing 
  • Who: All school district staff in San Diego County
  • No appointment required

Here are other things you can do to lessen the chance of both acquiring and transmitting COVID-19:

  1. Wear a maskStudies show that by simply wearing a mask, you can reduce your own chance of infection by 65 percent and provide even more protection to those around you. One of the core recommendations from our panel of UCSD experts consulting on school safety is to require everyone to wear a mask on campus. Masks will be required for all staff, students and community members on campus. There are no exceptions. Other precautions (social distancing) are important, but they are no substitute for wearing a mask that covers both your mouth and nose.
  1. Stay home when ill or when positive. No one with Covid-19 symptoms should ever come to work/school. This is critical. If you believe you may have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus, or if you are experiencing symptoms:

o    Contact your own physician or health plan for testing

    • Report your symptoms to your administrator or school nurse and email [email protected] with your information.

  1. Get a flu shotGetting a flu shot helps keep you from falling ill and passing it on to others. Moreover, avoiding flu-like symptoms means fewer referrals for Covid-19 testing and fewer individuals unnecessarily put into isolation and quarantine. When the percentage of people without flu shots is high, there are more hospitalizations and even deaths from flu complications, among those who are vulnerable. This year, we must all do our best to keep hospital beds open for those who need them for Covid-19-related complications. Please do your part by getting a flu shot!