District Purchasing

NEW Supplier or Supplier Update Request Form

In an effort to expedite the purchasing with a new supplier, please complete the new supplier form and obtain and attach the W9 to the form. School Sites and departments may share the link with the a new supplier to complete. 


  CA-590 (required for out of state vendors)

Amazon "How to" Presentation

Amazon Training for P-Card Holders

Items not allowed via Amazon Business Website:

Toners, Inks, Office Supplies (Use Staples or Office Solutions Contracts), Janitorial Supplies (Use Waxie Contract), Items available via School Specialty Contract, Items available via Grainger Contract, No Food Items (Unless pre-approved by the District Food and Nutrition Services Department), No Chemicals (Unless they are for a Biology or Chemistry Class), Items available via Lakeshore Contract.

2023/2024 End-of-Year Processing Deadlines (Circular)


Procurement planning is a process in which Procurement can assist you to analyze and forecast your Procurement needs while organizing those needs by priority.


Public Contract Code (PCC) Section 20111(a) requires school district governing boards to competitively bid and award any contracts involving an expenditure of more than $50,000 (in a calendar year), adjusted for inflation, to the lowest responsible bidder. Contracts subject to competitive bidding include: Purchase of equipment, materials, or supplies to be furnished, sold, or leased to the school district. Services that are not construction services. Repairs, including maintenance as defined in PCC Section 20115, that are not public projects as defined in PCC Section 22002(c). 

  • 2024 Calendar Year:  $114,500
  • 2023 Calendar Year:  $109,300
  • 2022 Calendar Year:  $99,100
  • 2021 Calendar Year:  $96,700
  • 2020 Calendar Year:  $95,200

District Inventory Ordering and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Catalog

Requests for PPE in response to the pandemic can be made through this form: PPE REQUESTS

For additional information or assistance, please contact:

Joseph Tedesco, Materiel Control Analyst

San Diego Unified School District

2351 Cardinal Lane Bldg. M, San Diego CA 92123

Phone (858) 522-5862 e-mail [email protected]

Warehouse inventory items shall be used whenever possible. Items commonly used by several subject areas or departments at a site are to be stored in the site's central supply room. Orders for individual subject-area departments at schools should be limited to items of special use in those departments.

Sufficient stock should be maintained by sites to eliminate emergency ordering. Sites should maintain sufficient stock to operate for a reasonable period of time, a minimum of 30 days' supply, normally 90 days; schools should ensure that materials are on hand to supply summer school needs.

Deliveries of warehouse inventory items are made weekly to all locations. Orders must be placed and approved 2 days prior to regularly scheduled delivery day. When the scheduled delivery day is a school holiday or high school graduation day, orders should be placed a week early. Otherwise, delivery will occur the following week. Only items listed which have not been deleted and are acceptable for reissue stock may be returned for credit up to 15 days after receipt.


When ordering 8.5" x 11" copy paper with Federal funds, please select the following:

Item No. 8756 Xerographic Copy Paper 8.5" X 11" (Made in the USA) to be purchased with Federal Grant Funds ONLY.

When ordering 8.5" x 11" copy paper without Federal funds, please select the following:

Item No. 7640 Xerographic Copy Paper 8.5" X 11" to be purchased with Non-Federal Funds