Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)

General Information

Federal and state laws require the California Department of Education (CDE) to monitor implementation of categorical programs operated by Local Education Agencies (LEAs). LEAs are responsible for creating and maintaining programs which meet State and Federal requirements.

LEAs are monitored to ensure that they meet fiscal and program requirements of federal categorical programs and mandated areas of state responsibility and funding.

The Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) Office coordinates reviews through a combination of data and the document review and onsite visits. LEAs are assigned to one of four cycles: A, B, C, D. LEAs may be selected for an on-site or online monitoring. The CDE analyzes extensive data for all LEAs which receive categorical funds in two or four year cycles.

Several factors, including compliance history, academic achievement, program size, and fiscal analysis are considered in identifying LEAs for review. Using these criteria, approximately 60 LEAs and sites are selected for on-site or online monitoring each cycle. Several LEAs are also randomly selected each year for monitoring.

Compliance Monitoring

Schools, districts, and county offices that receive funding for certain programs may be chosen for a review by the state. The purpose of the review is to ensure that they are spending the funding as required by law. Reviews may take place in person and/or through an online process.

At the end of each review, the state will complete a report of findings that informs the school, district, or county office how to correct the findings if applicable.

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