Uniform Complaint Procedure

The district"s Uniform Complaint Procedure outlines complaint and appeal procedures for alleged violations of federal or state laws or regulations governing its educational programs. Because of the new legislation, San Diego Unified revised its Uniform Complaint Procedure to incorporate insufficient instructional materials, facility conditions that pose an urgent or emergency threat, violation of the Clean Restroom Act, teacher misassignment and vacancy issues as grounds for complaints by an individual, agency or organization.

The District must post Uniform Complaint Notices in every classroom to inform parents and guardians of the opportunity and method to register a complaint regarding these issues.

Classroom Notices (updated 7/2016)
| English| Arabic | Cambodian| Somali| Spanish| Tagalog| Vietnamese

Notices must be posted in every classroom in the district outlining how to file a complaint. The legislation requires that for classrooms where the native language of 15% or more of the pupils is a language other than English, the notice must also be posted in this language. San Diego Unified has provided schools with English, Cambodian, Somali, Spanish,Tagalog and Vietnamese versions of the notice to be posted in all of their classrooms. Principals are responsible for ensuring that the notices are posted.

Uniform Complaint Forms (updated 8/2016)
| English | Arabic |Cambodian| Somali| Spanish| Tagalog| Vietnamese

Uniform Complaint Forms are used to file a formal complaint and should be filled out and given to the school principal. The District must submit a quarterly report to SDCOE on the number of Williams related complaints received and if they were resolved or unresolved. Complaints may be filed anonymously. Schools and LEA's will not reject a complaint if the form is not used as long as the complaint is submitted in writing. A written response may be requested and must be responded to within 45 days of receipt. Responses must be provided in English and the primary language when 15% or more of the students in the school speak a primary language other than English.