Williams Visit Requirements for Elementary Schools

Schools subject to a Williams visit by the fourth week of school should refer to the checklist above for specific requirements. The following document must be completed and provided to the Williams team on the day of visit.

Biliteracy Program (if applicable)

  • TK-5 Biliteracy Instructional Materials Sufficiency Survey for Williams audited sites - Schools using a combination of English and Spanish core instructional materials should complete this form instead of the Elementary Grades UTK-5 Instructional Materials Sufficiency Form.
  • Biliteracy Class Survey Form-Schools with a biliteracy program will need to complete this form to identify either English or Spanish as the core instructional materials for each biliteracy classroom.

UCP Classroom Notices -Posted in Every Classroom and in the Front Office.

| English| Arabic | Cambodian| Somali| Spanish| Tagalog| Vietnamese

Uniform Complaint Forms -Must be available in the Front Office upon request.

| English | Arabic |Cambodian| Somali| Spanish| Tagalog| Vietnamese

Uniform Complaint Forms are used to file a formal complaint and should be filled out and given to the school principal. The District must submit a quarterly report to SDCOE on the number of Williams/Valenzuela-related complaints received and if they were resolved or unresolved. Complaints may be filed anonymously. Schools and LEA's will not reject a complaint if the form is not used as long as the complaint is submitted in writing. A written response may be requested and must be responded to within 45 days of receipt. Responses must be provided in English and the primary language when 15% or more of the students in the school speak a primary language other than English.

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Facilities must be maintained in "good repair", assuring they are clean, safe and functional in accordance with the Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) developed by the Office of Public School Construction. No conditions should exist in structures or systems that pose a threat to the health and safety of pupils or staff while at school. School districts must certify that a facilities inspection system has been established to ensure each of its facilities is maintained in "good repair" in order to participate in the School Facility Program and the Deferred Maintenance Program

Facility Inspection Tool should be completed with 100% of classrooms and all common areas being inspected by Facilities Department personnel. Sample form: PDF | Excel

Contact Information

Instructional Resources and Materials
IMC, 2441 Cardinal Lane
San Diego, CA 92123-3798
(858) 496-8466 - Phone

Responsibility: Contact:

Williams Coordinator

& Instructional Materials

Rachel Escobedo
Instructional Resources and Materials Department
[email protected]
(858) 496-8461
Facilities Brian Ehms
Supervisor, Physical Plant Operations
[email protected]
(858) 627-7227
Teacher Assignments

Kristen McGinn

Human Resource Services Supervisor

[email protected]

(619) 725-7562

SARC (School Accountability Report Cards)

Marcellus Walker
Planning Analyst
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(619) 725-7175

Uniform Complaint

Lynn A. Ryan
Title IX Coordinator & Uniform Compliance Officer
[email protected]
(619) 725-7225