This FAQ Page contains information often requested by sites. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the information below. If an answer to your question cannot be found here please reach out to your DMT contact.

Which DMT member is assigned to my school?

For a full list of schools and their assigned DMT members, refer to this list


Do devices have to be checked out to students?

Yes, all students are to have a device checked out to them. This supports a continuous experience throughout their time at SDUSD. Students in the UTK-1st grade are to have the devices checked out to them and stored in the class’ charging cart. 2nd grade and above are to take their devices to and from school each day.


How do I prepare broken devices for pickup?

  1. Before receiving the device from a student we encourage the removal of all stickers from the device.

  2. In Destiny check in the device, then open Item Status and “Edit” its status to "Out for Repair." Do not change any other options while in the “Edit” menu.

  3. Out for Repair

  4. If no ctag is on the device or it is not legible, use Alt+V on the login screen to retrieve the asset number. If the Alt+V process does not work, follow this job aide to look up the device by serial number. Please write down the ctag on a note and attach to the device. This will make its processing much easier.

  5. Place the device in a red bin until the bin contains at least 15 devices. These devices will not be counted when requesting replacement Chromebooks so there is no need to send any back before reaching 15 devices.

  6. On the library dashboard, fill out the Pickup Request Form and print the Return Labels and place them on all red bins being picked up. (Sample Return Label)


How do I determine how many devices to order?

Student Population Maximum Available Allotment
1 - 300 20
301 - 600 30
601-800  40
801 - 900 50
901 - 1400
 1401+ 70

Using the above chart subtract your current available devices from your maximum and request that amount using the Chromebook Request Form. You can also see your available device count on Destiny using the 1:1 Chromebook Avail w/Ctags Report.


What can I do if a device is not broken but is not functioning properly?

For general issues you can check out this general troubleshooting guide.

If the issue involves software or web access, contact the Help Desk at 619-209-HELP (4357).

For issues with the Chromebook functionality the DMT recommends performing a Powerwash by following this job aid.

If none of these steps fix the problem, follow the process for broken devices.


How do I unlock a computer?

A computer can become locked if it is marked lost. If the device was available, check it in and return it to storage for exchange. If the device is with a student, check the device out to that student. For more detailed instructions, refer to this document.


If a student leaves the District what should be done with their student Chromebook?

The device should be retrieved from the student prior to them leaving the district, checked in, and then added to the site’s available exchanges. If the student does not return the device it should be marked stolen until returned.


Can I get or use loaner computers for students?

Loaners are not encouraged by the DMT and they also count against your sites allotted available device count.


Can I charge students for broken devices?

Refer to section J. Technology in the Facts4Parents document. For more information, contact Pauline Lance.


How does a site return charging carts or iPads?

To return charging carts, have your BSS fill out the Equipment Transfer Form.

iPads can be sent back by following the instructions in this job aid.


Can staff laptops be sent back with student devices?

Yes, only if they are within 5 years of the “Date Acquired.” This information can be found in Destiny by looking at Item Status: Date Acquired. If it is older than 5 years, it needs to be excessed by your site, using the Equipment Transfer Form.


Can I order staff devices from the DMT?

The DMT only provides devices for Day to Day Substitute teachers. Each school is allotted two of these devices. If a visiting teacher with an assignment of 6 weeks and over or Permanent Staff member needs a new device, they may order one here