Foss Science Kit Information for 2023-24

FOSS Science Kits are now issued upon request and don’t automatically rotate. Please use the forms below to request complete kits. Please check site for available kits prior to submitting your request.

Earth Rotation FOSS Science Kits

Physical Rotation FOSS Science Kits

Life Rotation FOSS Science Kits

FOSS Science Additional Materials Request Form is used to request additional or missing science kit materials for your FOSS science kit. This form is NOT for requesting additional science kits. 

PLEASE NOTE: Physical and Life Science kits were modified to address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) . Please be sure to request the correct title for you needs.

LIFE ROTATION FOSS SCIENCE Consumables & Live Materials GRADES UTK-5 Request Form

LIFE ROTATION LIVE MATERIALS: Please email the form above to Yvette Arambula [email protected] to request prepaid coupons. Alternatively, you can order live materials directly from KLM Bio Scientific using site funds if ordering materials in excess of eligible classroom counts through this LINK

Kinder Earth Rotation TREES Kits and Grades UTK-5 LIFE rotation kits should stay onsite year-round. Earth kits can be returned in January 2024 without paperwork; Physical kits can be returned at the end of the school year without paperwork. To return kits outside of this timeline, please email Yvette Arambula [email protected] for a pickup request.

If you are in need of additional teacher binders, please email Yvette Arambula [email protected]. We ask you check for available teacher binders at your school site prior to submitting your request.


For additional science and NGSS Information, please visit the following:

  • District Resource Site for NGSS -This website includes information on teaching the new physical science and life science and has online teacher binders for using the new and revised kits.