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GATE Course Offerings - SDUSD-UCSD Program Registration
·       UCSD will also host a zoom Q&A information session on Thursday, September 23rd at 4:00 pm for interested SDUSD staff.



Course descriptions - UCSD GATE Certification

Schedule of classes - UCSD GATE Certification 

Registration Instructions for Fall Semester GATE Certification Classes

Registration Instructions Second Semester GATE Certification Classes

There will be an informational Zoom meeting on Sept. 9th from 3:00 - 4:00 pm regarding the course and registration information.

  • UCSD will be offering a two course GATE certification course in the fall of 2020 and winter of 2021.
  • The courses will be a hybrid of online and one-on-one virtual instruction. 
  • Online courses will be available beginning in mid-September.
  • There will be a cost of $200/course.
  • Salary credits - 2.333 semester units of salary scale units per course.
  • Transcripts are available from UCSD. The course credit is transferrable to other districts.
  • Click on links above for course information and instructions for how to register.

After course work is completed

  • Your name will brought before the Board of Education for approval. This would occur during the summer.
  • You should receive a certificate from UCSD in the mail.
  • If you are interested in salary credits it will be your responsibility to obtain an official transcript from UCSD and submit it to HR. Bring both certificate and official UCSD transcript.

    You can have UCSD send your official transcripts to Eileen Sandifer, Certificated Salary Specialist, at 4100 Normal Street, room 1241, San Diego, CA 92103 or you can bring them to the Human Resources Division, Room 1241.

    Electronic transcripts can be accepted for salary credit as long as they are sent directly from the Registrar's Office. Please send to [email protected]

    No scanned, copies or faxed transcripts, grade reports can be accepted.

If you need a waiver in the interim please click on the waiver link and scan to [email protected]

The work of the GATE Office has been assumed by the Office of Leadership and Learning. For questions please email [email protected].