Receiving of Services

An electronic "receipt" must be created in PeopleSoft to enable Accounts Payable to pay for all goods and services. For schools and sites without a designated

person on site to process sales receipts, packing slips, or invoices into an electronic "receipt", the following process will be followed.


Upon receipt of an invoice (not a work order) from the service provider, the school/site receiving the service shall have the Principal/Site Manager (or his/her designee) review the invoice for accuracy, legibly print and sign the invoice with a full name, title, and the date signed. This signature is verification that the services have been performed, that the billed amount is correct, and authorizes the Receiving Department to electronically process the invoice (create a "receipt number") for Accounts Payable to remit payment to the provider.

To expedite payment, a copy of the signed invoice, with the PO number affixed, is then sent to the Receiving Department via email ([email protected]) or fax (858.496-8052) for electronic processing.

- Without this step -

Accounts payable is unable to post payment in the Peoplesoft system.


Original invoices are then forwarded to Accounts Payable (Ed Center, Room #3141). Verify that the PO number is referenced on the Invoice, if it is not on the invoice, then write it on the Invoice to ensure that the correct Purchase Order is being charged.