Media Relations

The San Diego community is very interested in its schools and the San Diego Unified School District. Almost every day there's a story in the media and social media about our schools or our kids.

Media relations in the Communications Department works as the primary district contact for local and national media, including newspapers, websites, radio and television reporters. We also take calls from movie location scouts, other school districts looking for information, the general public and anyone else looking for information on the district and our schools.

Staff also helps to get the word out about our great kids and schools through news releases, publicizing school events through the Media Calendar, and helping principals and staff with events, both planned and unplanned. Photography, videography, graphic design and other efforts toward external communications can also part of a day in the life of the Communications Department.

Crisis communications is also a key component of media relations in the Communications Department. By better communicating with the media-and our parents and the public-during a crisis, quicker the issues can be resolved. Communications Department staff works closely with the Superintendent, School Police, Physical Plant Operations, Nursing and Wellness and other departments, as well as individual school principals when a crisis occurs to provide timely and complete information to our parents, staff, students and the public directly and through the news media and social media.

Communications Department staff are also the content providers for the district's Newscenter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages which provide not only the latest district news, but the latest positive stories on our students and schools from the news media. San Diego Unified School District has one of the largest social media followings among any school district in the nation.

Communications Department staff also provides support to the Board of Education meetings, preparing the post-meeting Action Report for staff and the public.