Response to Intervention

What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

Response to Intervention is an intiative to prevent school failure by providing research based instruction and applying targeted interventions to accelerate the learning of struggling students.

Suggested Modifications


  • Vary the tempo

  • Slow the activity pace

  • Lengthen the time

  • Shorten the time

  • Provide frequent rest periods


  • Change locomotor patterns

  • Modify grasps

  • Modify body positions

  • Reduce number of actions

  • Use different body parts

Boundary/Playing Field:

  • Decrease distance

  • Use well-defined boundaries

  • Simplify patterns

  • Adapt playing area (smaller, obstacles removed)


  • Larger/lighter striking tool (racquet, bat)

  • Use a batting tee

  • Use of Velcro

  • Larger goal/target

  • Scoops for catching

  • Vary balls (size, weight, color, texture)

Rules, Prompts, Cues:

  • Demonstrate/model activity

  • Partner assist

  • Disregard time limits

  • Oral prompt

  • More space between students

  • Eliminate out/strike-outs

  • Allow ball to remain stationary

  • Allow batter to sit in chair

  • Place student with disability near teacher

General ball games/activities:

  • Use various size, weight, texture, or color of balls

  • Use larger targets/goals

  • Slow the pace of the game, especially when first learning

  • Allow student in wheelchair to hold ball on lap while pushing wheelchair

  • Use beeper ball for students with visual impairments

  • Practice with beanbags, yarn balls, balloons before using a ball

  • Use a peer for assistance