Action Based Learning

Action Based Learning (ABL) Lab

What is Action Based Learning?

In San Diego Unified, we have a Four Pronged Approach to Action Based Learning. We work in collaboration with district departments and community partners to increase movement in and out of the classroom in a variety of ways. The Four Pronged Approach includes:

Action Based Learning Labs
Quality Physical Education
The IMPACT program
Movement in the Classroom
We have developed and implemented Action Based Learning Labs throughout the district serving hundreds of students from the Infant Program to High School. Each motor lab is designed to meet the needs and levels of all learners. Stations are developed within the motor labs to provide developmentally appropriate movement opportunities and physical activity, combined with academic content, to create an environment for optimal brain function.

Ed Code requires Physical Education 200 minutes every 10 days for elementary students and 400 every 10 days for secondary students. This is provided by a Physical Education teacher or classroom teacher. We have developed resources for teachers, which includes teacher trainings, curriculum maps & assessment resources to assist in quality Physical Education at ALL schools.

We have partnered with the UCSD Department of Pediatrics to implement the IMPACT (Increased Movement and Physical Activity Class Time) Program. The IMPACT program is a designed to reinstate physical activity in schools without a Physical Education teacher. Athletes from UCSD participate in leading the students through an outdoor circuit of stations focused on physical fitness and motor skills.

Brain research indicates that the human body needs to move every 17-20 minutes to remain alert. Resources have been developed to provide movement opportunities that are fun, quick and easy to implement in a classroom and require little or no equipment. These movement opportunities release chemicals in the brain that aide in focus and attention to facilitate learning. Exercise grows brains cells!