What is Community Service Association (CSA)?

Mission Statement: The Community Service Association of San Diego Unified School District is a nonprofit association organized to solicit contributions from district employees for recognized charitable agencies in San Diego County which support the arts, education, health, and human services.

CSA was founded in 1956 as a result of meetings among employee organizations that felt the need for a contribution club similar to others in the city. CSA is entirely employee directed and managed by an elected, volunteer board of directors consisting of five teachers, three classified staff members and two administrators. Elections for the Board of Directors are held each year during the membership campaign drive in October/November.

Since 1956, CSA has distributed over $12 million to nonprofit charitable organizations in San Diego County. Employee donations are collected through automatic payroll deductions or one-time contributions.

What have CSA contributions typically funded?

Donations to CSA are distributed with a focus on diversity and equity to nonprofits that provide arts, education, health, and human services programs throughout San Diego County. Examples include: Providing food and shelter for people experiencing homelessness or loss of income; Providing services and care for the elderly; Providing funding for youth camps, arts performances, and educational programs for children with disabilities or children who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

What organizations does CSA support?

List of Agencies that CSA supports

Why should I give to CSA?

Organizations and programs supported by donations to CSA touch almost every employee, directly or indirectly. Employees can have a greater impact in the community with a donation to CSA because their individual donation is combined with the contributions of hundreds of district employees. Giving through payroll deductions is a very convenient and easy way to make a difference in the local community while it reduces costly and time-consuming fundraising efforts for the agencies that provide community services.

How do I know my contributions make a difference?

The CSA Board of Directors carefully reviews each grant request from local nonprofit agencies along with their most recent tax return.  To continue receiving CSA grant monies, in compliance with IRS regulations a nonprofit must submit to CSA an acknowledgment letter and receipts showing how their CSA grant money was spent.

How do I join CSA?

District employees can join CSA by making a voluntary payroll deduction in the employee self-service option in PeopleSoft, or by submitting a paper payroll deduction form via district mail to "CSA, Ed Center" or via email to csa@sandi.net..  In addition, employees can make a one-time contribution by submitting a check made payable to CSA.

What is the minimum donation to join CSA?

Employees may join CSA for as little as $1 a month, or $5, $10, $20, ... or even a percentage of their salary. The minimum monthly donation to designate a specific agency is $5.

Do I need to complete the Payroll Deduction form each school year?

No. Once an employee joins CSA, their monthly donation will continue until they leave the district or cancel their voluntary deduction.  To increase or decrease your monthly donation use the employee self-service option in PeopleSoft HCM or submit a new Payroll Deduction form via district mail to "CSA, Ed Center" or via email to csa@sandi.net.

Can I donate to an agency or agencies of my choice?

Yes. Employees can designate all or part of their monthly contribution to a maximum of 2 nonprofit agencies in San Diego County with a minimum monthly contribution of $5 to each agency.  Email your selection(s) to the CSA Secretary/Treasurer at csa@sandi.net.

Do I need to complete the Donor Specified Designation Form each school year?

No, that policy has changed.  Your selection will continue until you email csa@sandi.net and change any selections that you had made on PeopleSoft Self-service.

Are my CSA donations tax deductible?

CSA is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. Subject to IRS restrictions, your donation is tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

Additional questions? Please email csa@sandi.net or contact John Ortler, CSA Secretary/Treasurer, at 619-260-5407.

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