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COVID-19 Testing at Penn Elementary

San Diego Unified COVID-19 Testing at Penn Elementary School
Posted on 01/11/2021
Boy getting tested for COVID-19





Monday, January 11, 2020

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: San Diego Unified COVID-19 Testing, Reporting

WHAT: Superintendent Cindy Marten and SDEA President Kisha Borden will visit Penn Elementary School to observe COVID-19 testing and receive a test. COVID-19 testing with rapid results resumes this week (following a pause for winter break) for staff and students participating in Phase 1 appointment-based instruction at select schools under a collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District, UC San Diego Health, and the San Diego Education Association (SDEA).

WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 12, 1 p .m.

WHERE: Penn Elementary School, 2797 Utica Dr, San Diego, CA 92139

DETAILS: A media pool has been established for this event.

BACKGROUND: San Diego Unified implemented a $5 million testing plan, which includes a joint laboratory services testing agreement with UC San Diego Medical Center. The program started in December at 10 schools, and will expand to additional campuses the week of Jan. 18. The program could be expanded to include all 100,000 students within the district and its more than 10,000 staff members. COVID-19 test results are published for public review on the district website, where the latest results from each testing site will be updated as results are received.

This event is for professional journalists. Please confirm attendance in advance.

MEDIA CONTACT: Communications Director Maureen Magee, (619) 381-7930 [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>