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San Diego Unified School District is the proud home of AVID! 

In 1980 at Clairemont High School, Mary Catherine Swanson created AVID to support scholars in reaching their dreams.  Learn more about the history of AVID here.


Farb Firebirds

Farb Middle School

 AVID demo


Connections + Organization + Tutorials/Study Groups = Student Success


1 - Students are who are connected with their peers and educators will succeed!

AVID students will engage in weekly (if not daily!) activites to build connections within themselves, their peers, and their school community.  AVID calls this Relational Capacity and it is the foundation of safe, effective classrooms and learning equity.


2 - Students who are organized will succeed!

AVID students will learn how to organize not only physical materials but also their thoughts with reading and writing strategies for deeper learning.


3 - Student who participate in tutorials/study groups will succeed!

AVID students in elective courses have tutorials and/or study groups built into the curriculum.  This is not study hall - this is collaborative inquiry and students will learn how to ask good questions to get to the root of their confusion, then take reflective notes to help them with future work.

 AVID CCR Framework



AVID Site Teams

The elective courses are only one aspect of a successful AVID school.  Sites Teams meet throughout the year focused on targeted interentions and integrating successful systems.  Site Team members include administrators, counselors, educators, scholars, and community members to support all students in their college and career readiness.



AVID Certification

The AVID Certification process involves exploring schools through 4 domains: Instruction, Systems, Leadership, and Culture.  The process begins with a self-report from the site based on site team work throughout the year.  Next, AVID District Director will review and make notes prior to sending to AVID for their review.  Finally, official certification comes shortly thereafter from AVID.  All sites should strive for schoolwide status, meaning systems are in place for all students learn college and career readiness skills.


To learn more about AVID at SDUSD, please click here.