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MEDIA ADVISORY: SuperHEROes Swoop into Franklin ElementaryMonday, Dec. 3, 7:30 a.m.

MEDIA ADVISORY: SuperHEROes Swoop into Franklin ElementaryMonday, Dec. 3, 7:30 a.m.
Posted on 02/12/2019

San Diego Unified School District

SuperHEROes Swoop into Franklin Elementary to Celebrate Best Attendance for School Year
United Way of San Diego County Volunteers Recognize Top Performing School for Student Attendance Within “Every Student, Every Day” Attendance Initiative

WHAT: Students at Franklin Elementary STEAM Magnetin City Heights will walk into school on Monday morning to greetings and high-fives from their favorite superHEROes - 16 masqueraded United Way of San Diego County volunteers from local businesses - encouraging them to be “Here Every day and Ready On time” (HERO).

These young learners will think they are starting the day off at a regular school-wide school assembly, but it will be “interrupted” by the superHEROes, as Superman and his friends announce that Franklin Elementary has had the best attendance for the school year so far of the 16 schools across two school districts - San Diego Unified and Lemon Grove - in United Way's “Every Student, Every Day” attendance initiative. The superHEROes will then lead the kids in a chant and other rallying activities about why attendance matters.

WHY: The stark reality is that one out of every 10 San Diego County students missed a month or more of school last year. Long-term studies show that children who don't go to school regularly as early as kindergarten correlates to drop out rates later in high school.

HOW: For the past three years, United Way of San Diego County has partnered with local school districts and many other partners to provide at-risk students and their families with comprehensive one-on-one support to get their children, grades kindergarten to third grade, to school regularly.

Last school year, the initiative worked with 274 students identified as top priority for intensive intervention, leading to an average increase in attendance of six to seven more days of school for each student - for a total of 670 more days in school. More: http://bit.ly/ESED17-18.

The initiative also includes school-wide attendance awareness activities, like this one. This school year, “Every Student, Every Day” has already reached 7,000 students and 2,500 families.


  • 330 elementary school students, kindergarten through fifth grade, greeted by 16 superHEROes
  • School-wide assembly “interrupted” by superHEROes, many from local businesses


  • Ian Gordon, chief impact officer, United Way of San Diego County
  • Don Whisman, principal, Franklin Elementary School

WHEN: Monday, Dec. 3

7:30 a.m. SuperHEROes cheer students into school

8 a.m. School-wide student assembly with surprise SuperHEROes visit begins (school auditorium)