23 Juvenile Court and Community Services (JCCS)


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The San Diego County Office of Education educates students through the Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) offering a fully-accredited educational program for students who voluntarily enroll in the community schools, are incarcerated, placed by probation or social services, referred by the schools by using a 601 form and submitted through the Placement and Appeal Office at fax number 619-298-3749.

The JCCS special education program provides all IDEA mandated services and supports which include identification, assessment, and instruction to students with disabilities, and conducts IEP team meetings in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations governing special education. Services are provided year round and students may enter and exit the program at any time during the year. Special education and related services are provided to JCCS students in juvenile court ordered programs, community school sites, and a few licensed children's institution programs.

The Placement and Appeal Special Education Resource Teacher (Special Education Liaison) receives bi-weekly enrollment lists from the JCCS Special Education department.

  • If a student is newly incarcerated, a Notice of Change in Attendance Code letter is faxed to the principal at the student's school of attendance.
  • It is then the principal's responsibility to disperse the information to staff members working directly with the student named in the letter, including but not limited to the attendance clerk, special education case manager, nurse, psychologist, and teachers.
  • The school keeps the student on their roster for 30 calendar days, marking "J" in attendance for Juvenile Hall.
  • If the student is still in the Juvenile Hall after the 30 day period, the school drops the student from the rosterfrom that 30th day of "J" (This is to remain a part of the student's active attendance record. Do NOT back drop to the last day he/she was physically on site.)
  • Then, the student is exited from the Electronic IEP system and the registrar is to call Cindy Anderson, the Special Education Liaison, at 619-725-7294 in order for a new enrollment to be made.

When a student returns to the district, the school of enrollment is determined using the following criteria as found in 23.1 through 23.3.

23.1 Re-Entry into the District from a JCCS Community School Site

Withdrawal from the District was for a Voluntary Enrollment in a JCCS:

  • If the family/guardian of a student requested enrollment at a JCCS school site and they determine it is time to come back to the district, the student will be referred to the school of residence (SOR) for enrollment. If the student had withdrawn from a SDUSD magnet school prior to enrolling in a JCCS site, that magnet position is forfeited and the student will be referred to his/her SOR.

Withdrawal from the District was for an Involuntary Enrollment:

  • If the student had been expelled and the expulsion conditions have been completed/satisfied, the student will be referred for enrollment at the school that the expulsion panel recommended.

Withdrawal from the District was Due to Court/Probation Ordered Placements:

  • If the student had withdrawn from the district due to a court or probation ordered placement, the District and the JCCS liaison will work together to determine the best placement for the returning student, which will usually be the previous school of attendance (SOA) even if it is not the SOR. Magnet school position is not forfeited in this instance. If an updated IEP stating a new placement has been implemented, it will be reviewed for placement consideration.

23.2 Re-Entry into the District Less than 30 Days in Juvenile Hall (Incarceration)

If the student is returning to be district within 30 calendar days of the first day of incarceration s/he is to return to the last SOA, where the enrollment should be active. If the school feels that the placement is inappropriate, the student's IEP team is to follow IEP procedures for deciding appropriate placement. No student is to be sent home under these circumstances.

It is the case manager's responsibility to ensure that:

  • The student's last agreed upon and implemented IEP is in place; and
  • An IEP team meeting is convened if changes in services, accommodations and /or other assessments are necessary in order to meet the needs of the student.

23.3 Re-Entry into the District 31 Days or More in Juvenile Hall (Incarceration)

If a student is released 31 or more calendar days from the first day of incarceration, the Placement and Appeal Special Education Liaison will work with the JCCS Transition and Special Education personnel regarding an appropriate placement for the student.


Contact Information:

Christopher Rodriguez, Special Education Resource Teacher



Placement and Appeal Office

Education Center, Annex 8

4100 Normal Street

San Diego, CA 92103