Middle School Excursions

We are excited to offer Middle School Excursions for the 4th straight year. Below you will find information and sign up links for the four experiences we have developed with Qualcomm (coding/"Robocrafting"), Raytheon (coding/robotics/automation), SeaWorld (animal rescure/care, ecosystems, and human impacts), and a new offering aboard the USS Midway (places students in a damage control scenario that reinforces 21st century skills, and 8th grade Next Generation Science Standards). At this time we can pay for transportation for Middle School sites that find themselves in a career themed pathway cluster that align to these experiences.
Engineering → USS Midway
Engineering / Computer Science → Qualcomm & Raytheon
Health / Biomed → SeaWorld
To see which experiences your site qualifies for free transportation click here.

Currently visiting teacher costs are at the discretion of the site (unless you have a CCTE credentialed teacher whose designated subject aligns to the cluster pathway)

SeaWorld Ocean Link Lab
500 Sea World Dr, San Diego, CA 92109 - Camp Center
(30 students per trip ½ boys / girls, 5 hours on site, flexible start / end time)
The Ocean Link Lab provides students a behind the scenes look at SeaWorld Cares rescue infrastructure and a glimpse of how human actions are impacting environments. This Next Generation Science aligned experience weaves throughout the park and touches on both 6th and 8th grade standards. This is an excellent NGSS three-dimensional supplement for classes that are looking at ecosystems, cause and effect, and structure and function. In addition to the science, students will become aware of careers at SeaWorld, the collaborative effort needed to run the park and provided an opportunity to think about how their strengths, interests and values align to the future world of work. The culminating activity is an ocean minded art project reflecting what they took away from the day.
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Raytheon Innovation Lab
8650 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92123
(30 8TH GRADE students per trip ½ boys / girls, 9:00am arrival 2:00pm departure, not flexible)
The Innovation lab is designed for grades 6, 7, and 8 students to learn about and participate in engineering and robotics experiments to promote the importance of STEM skills and opportunities for all. The Innovation Lab has two main components. The first part provides exposure to the different careers at Raytheon, helps students determine what type of engineer they are and includes a tour of Raytheon facilities. During the second part of the day students experience how sensors and automation are impacting the world around us. Students gain a unique perspective of how Raytheon Company, a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cyber security solutions, is supporting humanitarian efforts around the globe. Students work together and utilize 21st century skills to manipulate code that allows a robot to navigate multiple scenarios. Excellent for those interested in computer science, robotics or competitions such as First Lego / Tech Challenge or VEX.
Dates coming soon

Qualcomm's Thinkabit Lab
Qualcomm Building AO, 5880 Oberlin Dr, San Diego, CA 92121
(34 students per trip ½ boys / girls, 5 hours on site, flexible start / end time
The Thinkabit Lab is a dedicated makerspace / classroom located on Qualcomm's main campus. This experienceship will introduce students to Qualcomm's World of Work and Robocrafting, a STEAM experience that combines coding, robotics and crafting.
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At this time sites are responsible for transportation and substitute costs. Lunches are provided for each trip. Each trip requires 5 hours on site . After the initial offering sites will be able to sign up multiple trips.

USS Midway F4C Excursion
USS Midway Museum, 910 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
(36 students per trip ½ boys / girls, 9:00am arrival 2:00pm departure, not flexible)
The USS Midway F4C Excursion places students in a simulated damage control scenario. Students travel throughout the ship to 6 stations and work together to solve problems that reinforce Next Generation Science Standard Disciplinary Core Idea PS2A as well as Science and Engineering Practices (Developing and Using Models / Constructing Explanations and Solving Problems) and Crosscutting Concepts (Cause and Effect / Stability and Change).
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Contact: Michael Goodbody, Strategic Partnerships & Programs :: :: (619) 725-7333