24 Section 504


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Section 504 is a civil rights statue that requires public schools to provide educational participation, access and benefits to students with disabilities.

A student is eligible for a 504 Plan under Section 504 if the student:

  • Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

A student is eligible for section 504 discrimination protections if the student:

  • Has a record of such impairment; or
  • Is regarded as having such impairment

24.1 Referral for a Section 504 Evaluation

An IEP Team cannot determine eligibility for Section 504 services. The referral should be made to the site 504 Coordinator to begin the 60 day timeline for 504 eligibility determination.

Administrators, students, counselors, teachers, parents/guardians may refer a student for Section 504 evaluation. Each school site has a 504 team which is composed of:

  • Trained site 504 coordinator;
  • Parent/Guardian; and
  • Other professionals knowledgeable about the student and who are able to interpret a variety of data.

The 504 team will evaluate the student and if the student is found eligible, the 504 team will develop a 504 plan.

Students eligible for special education receive services under an IEP. Students not eligible for special education may be eligible for 504 services as Section 504 defines disability more broadly than IDEA.

If it is determined at an IEP team meeting that a student does not qualify for special education services, the student should be referred to the site 504 Coordinator for a 504 Eligibility meeting.

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