19 Timelines


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The timelines listed below must be strictly followed throughout the IEP process.

15 arrow Assessment Plan

A proposed assessment plan shall be developed within 15 calendar days of a referral for assessment, unless the parent agrees in writing

  • In the case of pupil school vacations in excess of 5 school days (example: winter break, but not Thanksgiving week), the 15 day timeline shall continue on the date the regular school days reconvene.
  • If the referral is received 10 calendar days or less prior to the end of the regular school year, the assessment plan must be developed within 10 calendar days after commencement of the new school year or the next term.
  • A Notice of Procedural Safeguards must be enclosed with the assessment plan if it has not already been provided with the Referral for Special Education.

15 arrow Parent Response to Proposed Evaluation Plan

Parents/guardians have at least 15 calendar days from receipt of proposed assessment plan to arrive at a decision.

  • Contact the parent after 15 calendar days of receipt of the assessment plan to inquire about their response to the plan.

ten arrow IEP Meeting Notification

Parents/guardians must be notified of the proposed IEP team meeting "early enough to ensure an opportunity to attend" the meeting. This is generally more than one week, or at least 10 calendar days.

60 arrow IEP Development

An IEP shall be developed within 60 calendar days from the date of receipt of the parent/guardian's written consent for assessment, unless the parent/guardian agrees in writing to an extension.

  • In the case of pupil school vacations in excess of 5 school days, the 60 day timeline shall continue on the date the regular school days reconvene.
  • If consent to the assessment plan is received 30 calendar days or less prior to the end of a regular school year, an IEP team meeting must be held within 30 calendar days after commencement of the new school year. ("30-30 rule")

asap IEP Implementation

Special education and related services shall be made available to the student in accordance with the IEP as soon as possible after the IEP team meeting.

  • Implement portions to which the parent/guardian consented

0 to 30 arrow Interim Placement

A student is immediately provided an interim placement for a period not to exceed 30 calendar days whenever a student transfers into a new school district. On/before the expiration of the 30-day interim period, an Interim Review IEP team meeting must held and a new (annual) IEP must be written.

annually arrow Annual IEP Team Meeting

The IEP team shall meet at least annually to:

        • Review a student's progress and revise the IEP, including:
          • Updated present levels of performance
          • Special factors
          • Previous and proposed goals
          • Appropriateness of the placement including eligibility for transportation as a related service
          • Make any other necessary revisions to the IEP
3 arrow Reassessment

A reassessment of the student shall be conducted at least once every three years or more frequently, if conditions warrant it.

Parent Request for IEP Team Meeting

An IEP team meeting requested by a parent/guardian shall be held within 30 calendar days from the receipt of parent/guardian request, excepting times when school is not in session in excess of 5 school days. The timeline continues when school reconvenes.

  • The timeline applies to the regular school year. The timeline for the requested IEP meeting will continue when the regular school year reconvenes.

5 arrow Request for Student Records

Parents/guardians have the right and opportunity to examine all school records of their child and to receive copies of the records within 5 business days after a request is made by the parent/guardian either orally or in writing.

  • Document the parent's oral request and include it in the Special Education Container.

In all instances, calendar days between regular school sessions and vacation days in excess of five school days are not counted.