17 Case Manager Responsibility


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A case manager is assigned when a student is referred to special education. The case manager's role is a critical one as it is his/her responsibility to ensure that a student's IEP is implemented and that all timelines are followed.

When a student is first referred to special education, the case manager is most often an Education Specialist assigned to the student's school of attendance. A Speech-Language Pathologist may be the case manager for students referred only for possible speech-language needs. The case manager is responsible for coordination of all aspects of the referral process through the IEP team meeting and for follow up after the IEP meeting. Case manager responsibilities may change depending on the student's placement as determined by the IEP team.

In addition to direct instruction, collaboration and co-teaching with the general education teacher(s) of special education students, listed below is an overview of the primary duties and responsibilities of the case manager.


Case Manager Responsibility


. Assist with the completion of the written referral if requested or necessary

. Secure parental consent to obtain confidential information via a Release of Information from private and public sources, if such information is necessary

. Enter referral information into the electronic IEP system

. Notify the school principal, classroom teacher and other staff members, as appropriate, that a referral has been made for a particular student

. Send or deliver to parent:

Ø Referral for Special Education

Ø Notice of Procedural Safeguards


. With appropriate staff, develop assessment plan

. Send or deliver to parent:

Ø Assessment Plan

Ø Notice of Procedural Safeguards (if not already provided)

. Upon receipt of the assessment plan to which parent consented, enter the information into the electronic IEP system

  • If the parent does not consent to the assessment plan and this is an initial referral for assessment, no further action is required, i.e., the assessments may not be administered.

. Notify appropriate staff that there is consent for assessment(s) and of the due date of the timeline to convene the IEP team meeting to discuss the results of the assessment(s)

  • If this is for a triennial reassessment and parent does not consent to the assessment plan, a records review may be conducted.
  • If this is for a supplemental assessment and the parent does not consent to the assessment plan, consult with your district level support person for next steps.

Ø If the district team feels strongly that an assessment must be done in order to determine the student's needs, consult with your district level support person for next steps.

. If the student is an English Language Learner, refer to chapter 7, English Learners for instructions.

. If the student is to be considered for eligibility as a student with a specific learning disability (SLD) or emotional disturbance (ED), assure that the school psychologist has completed the appropriate forms for such a determination.

. If student moves to another school site within the district during the assessment timeline, (referral, testing, scheduling IEP team meeting), advise the receiving case manager of the timelines.

IEP Team Meeting

. Schedule IEP team meeting with parents and district participants

. Send IEP Meeting Notice to parent

. Notify other participants of parent confirmation of attendance at the scheduled IEP

. Chair IEP team meeting

. Facilitate the development of the DRAFT IEP for the student

. Ensure that all portions of IEP are completed

. Complete Transportation Form (F-12) as appropriate

. Work with IEP team to revise the DRAFT IEP and distribute final copies of the IEP to the parent/guardian and staff necessary to implement the IEP. Place a copy of the IEP in the special education container in the cum folder.

. Schedule follow-up IEP if IEP is not completed at the meeting, if parent needs more time to consider the IEP offer, or if the parent disagrees with some or all of the IEP

Written Notice to Parents

. Respond to requests made by parent prior to, during, or after the IEP team meeting by completing and sending "Prior Written Notice to Parent of Proposed or Refused Action." Contact your district level support person for assistance with the PWN.

Implementation and Monitoring IEPs

. Ensure IEP is implemented as soon as possible following its development

. Whenever a new IEP has been developed, and prior to the first day of the new school year, review the contents of the IEP with district staff responsible to implement the IEP, including the general education teacher(s) as appropriate

. IEP Progress Reports are to be sent home a minimum of every 12 weeks for Elementary students and every 6 weeks for Secondary students. Ensure all providers report on student's progress on goals in the electronic IEP system and send a copy to the parent, as indicated on the IEP. A copy of the goals progress reports must be placed in the special education container.

Beginning of School Year

. Review all IEPs on caseload

. Develop master calendar of IEP due dates

. Meet with school psychologist and assessment team to coordinate triennial reassessment IEPs

. Review contents of IEP with student's general education teachers and service providers

Manifestation Determination

. Schedule manifestation determination meeting if the student has, or will be removed from school/special education services due to suspensions of more than 10 cumulative school days

. Provide parent with a copy of Notice of Procedural Safeguards

. Work with the school psychologist to conduct the Manifestation Determination Review and supplemental IEP meeting

. write the findings of the Manifestation Determination Review on the IEP Team Action page of the supplemental IEP

. Refer to Chapter 15, Manifestation Determination for further information.

Records Request

. Notify appropriate staff that request has been received

. Coordinate collection and copying of all records for parents, to be provided to the parent within 5 business days from the receipt of request for records