Part 3c: Cater Your Message

School Marketing Matters

Step 2: Identify Desirable School Characteristics

List your desirable school characteristics (identified during the research phase) and match them to each target audience.

For example, if you are targeting families in which both parents work and need before/after-school child care, list the specific characteristics of your school that will address those needs, such as a free PrimeTime program, or after-school clubs and activities.

Step 3: Cater Messaging

Create messages that link your school characteristics to your audiences (You will most likely need more than one message to appeal to different audiences).

Example: Targeting working parents who need before/after-school care, you've identified that your school can meet their needs with a message such as "We offer the district's free PrimeTime before/after school program with extended learning opportunities, wholesome snacks and outdoor activities.' (or whatever your actual program offers).

Another target audience may be local business partners whose company philosophy includes a community outreach component. These business may offer valuable resources and in-kind or cash donations to your school. Your message may read "Make a lasting impact on our students and the local community by becoming a Partner in Education at XYZ School.'