Excel Training

Here you will find resources and information about Microsoft Excel training classes offered to employees of SDUSD.

Excel 2013 is the software version taught.

Class - Introduction to Excel

Class - Advanced Excel

Excel Training Exercise Files:

The files posted below were used in the Advanced Excel training classes taught by Debra Sayble. They go with the training exercises in the Advanced Excel manual Debra wrote, dated March 2017. Once one of these files opens onto your computer, it will likely be in Read-Only status; so you'll need to do a Save As and save it to your computer with a different name:

Debra Sayble's Advanced Excel Manual

Excel File to Use with All Exercises EXCEPT Exercises 5 & 6

Excel File to Use with Exercises 5 & 6

Training Videos:

How to Use the "Insert Function" and "AutoSum" Features (for beginners)

How to Build & Use Basic Formulas (for beginners)

How to Group Rows and Columns (collapse and expand one or more rows and/or columns with a single click)

How to Use Conditional Formatting (formats selected cells based on criteria given)

How to Concatenate (joins text from multiple columns into one column)

How to Separate Text Strings into Individual Columns (from 1 column separate words out into their own columns)

How to Use the V-Lookup Formula (in a long vertical column of data, look up and display one particular bit of data instantly, without moving away)

How to Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents (see where data comes from or goes to, related to formulas)

How to Consolidate Similar Data from Multiple Worksheets into One Summary Sheet (consolidate multiple data ranges into one summary sheet)

How to Use What-If? Goal Seek (display different outcome possibilities... such as, "What if I do this instead of that?")

Part 1 How to Use the What-If? Scenario Manager (save multiple What-If? Goals to use them anytime)

Part 2 How to Use the What-If? Scenario Manager Summary (build a single summary sheet comparing all your What-If? scenarios)

How to Build PivotTables, Charts, and Dashboards in Excel - Part 1 (This video is a bit hokey in the first few moments, but worth watching. And it provides a link to the other 2 videos in this series)

How to Create and Monitor a Watch Window (Keep an eye on a specific cell in any open Excel file, no matter which worksheet you're working on.)