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Greetings Learning Through the Arts Principals, Teachers, and Arts Community Members!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Learning Through the Arts Title I program newsletter. It is an honor to lead the way to student success through Arts Integration in the San Diego Unified School District. Learning Through the Arts supports the goals of the Title I federal funding stream, targeting our most underserved students. San Diego Unified is one of the first school districts to be recognized by Title I for arts integration and education. The district is continuing to raise the bar and level the playing field to create a fair and equitable education system that serves the learning needs of all students.

As I walk through classrooms I am observing how important the arts are in our curriculum. The arts foster risk-taking, positive learning environments, collaboration, engagement and allow children to use multiple strategies as an integral part of problem solving aligned with the Common Core standards.

I am confident that through integrating the arts we will effectively address inequalities in education and improve academic achievement, school climate, and student success.

May you and your loved ones have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Caroline King

Project Leader

Learning Through the Arts

"Investing in arts education is one of the most important things a school system can do. It was an incredibly important decision that my leadership team made with me to make sure that we use arts education as a key strategy for how our students will achieve-not just in school, but in life."

Cindy Marten

Superintendent of Public Education

From The Story of San Diego, California Alliance for Arts Education, http://www.artsed411.org/