SB 172 CAHSEE Graduates

Process for SB 172 Graduates (Students who did not pass both section of the CAHSEE, 2006-2014).

I. The student contacts the site that he or she attended in high school.

II. The site registrar must verify the graduation requirements for the Class of 2006-2014.

  • Pull the transcript from the transcript files on site
  • Check the transcript against the credit check form posted on the Office of Secondary Schools Website under "SB 172"

III. Once the transcript is verified, send Diploma Form DD to Sharon Peterson.

IV. Once Sharon Peterson approves the form, the site will issue a new transcript to the student that reflects "Graduate." NOTE: the transcript will still indicate CAHSEE as "NOT MET."

V. The student will receive a diploma in July.

Download Process and Credit Check Form

Download SB 172 Labels