Hazardous Materials & Waste Training Information

A hazardous material or substance that is used in the District can be potentially damaging to the health and well-being of students and staff. To determine if a product or substance is a hazardous material, information about the product would be needed. This information is available in a SafetyData Sheet (SDS). A SDS will list any hazardous ingredients in the product. A hazard determination is required before any product can be used in the District and can be evaluated upon request to the Safety Office.

Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO)

Federal, state, and local environmental regulations require strict control of the handling, storage, and disposal of all materials that have been designated as hazardous or toxic to human health or to the environment. In California, the requirements for hazardous waste management are codified in The California Health and Safety Code (HSC) and Title 22, California Code of Regulations (CCR.).

The materials presented below are meant to assist our sites in complying with pertinent codes in order to ensure a safe environment for students, saff & visitors.

Information for School Chemical Hygiene Officer
Chemical Hygiene Plan

What needs to be in the Hazardous Materials Binder
CA Science Safety Handbook
Chemical List for Secondary Schools (High & Middle) - (Class I/Prohibited, Class II/Restricted & Class II/Approved) UPDATEDJUNE 2019
Chemical List for ElementarySchools UPDATED JUNE 2019
SDUSD Product Evaluation Form PDF
SDUSD Product Evaluation Form MS Word
SDUSD Restricted Chemical Approval Form PDF
SDUSD Restricted Chemical Approval Form MS Word
County Emergency Procedure Posting PDF
County Emergency Procedure Posting MS Word

Managing Empty Containers
Managing Empty Containers
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Inspection Forms
Annual School Safety Inspection Checklist New 2019

SDS evaluations and SDS for products used in the District are kept on file in the Safety Office. There are a broad range of hazardous materials: Toxic agents are products that in normal use can range from poisonous to skin irritants and allergens. When improperly used, all hazardous materials can be harmful to humans and other living organisms. Corrosive chemicals are hazardous materials that can destroy or otherwise damage the skin or mucous membranes. Flammable or reactive materials are several substances that include flammable or combustible liquids, finely divided metals and powders, some classes of fibers, textiles or plastics, other chemicals that either evolve or absorb oxygen that can create a fire risk, explosives or oxidizers, materials in which dangerous heat buildup or pressure can occur, and also radioactive materials. Any hazardous material that becomes a waste to be discarded must undergo a hazardous waste determination as required by law. A hazardous waste determination can be made by contacting the Safety Office for guidance.

Hazardous Waste and Other Wastes

Any hazardous material that becomes a waste to be discarded must undergo a hazardous waste determination as required by law. Some wastes may be subject to federal regulations. The State of California also has identified certain wastes to be hazardous, biohazardous or restricted. Contact the Safety Office for guidance to properly dispose of hazardous wastes.

Federally regulated hazardous wastes are also referred to as RCRA (Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act) hazardous wastes which exhibit the characteristics of ignitibility, corrosivity, reactivity or toxicity and are identified in Code of Federal Regulations Title 40, part 261.

State of California regulated hazardous wastes are also referred to as non-RCRA or California hazardous wastes which exhibits other characteristics in addition to the characteristics that are federally regulated. Other non-RCRA or California hazardous wastes are regarded as extremely hazardous, restricted or special wastes. California hazardous wastes are identified in the California Code of Regulations Title 22 and Health and Safety Code.

Hazardous Material & Waste Management

Hazardous Materials & Waste Management Manual - Manual

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Hazard Communication

For Hazard Communication Presentation https://www.sandi.net/staff/safety-management/training-presentations

Hazcom Handout

Medical Waste Management

Label for Unwanted Student Medication PDF
Label for Unwanted Student Medication MS Word
SDUSD Medical Waste Management Plan
Unclaimed Student Medication Pickup Request Form PDF
Unclaimed Student Medication Pickup Request Form MS Word
Sharps Management Program Flyer
Sharps Waste Removal Request Form PDF
Sharps Waste Removal Request Form MS Word

Bio-Hazard Waste
Guidelines for Managing Solid Biological Waste

Lab Specimens
Managing Dissected Preserved Lab Specimens

Chemical Lists - Prohibited, Restricted & Approved
Chemical List for Secondary Schools (High & Middle) - (Class I/Prohibited, Class II/Restricted & Class II/Approved)UPDATED JUNE 2019

Chemical List for Elementary Schools UPDATED JUNE 2019

Safety Data Sheets

For Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Presentation https://www.sandi.net/staff/safety-management/training-presentations
SDS Quick Reference Guide

Spill Prevention
For Chemical Release & Spill Prevention Presentation https://www.sandi.net/staff/safety-management/training-presentations
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Paint Management
Unwanted Paint BMP's for PPO Staff

Managing Latex Paint Waste at Schools

Unwanted Paint BMP's for School Sites

Best Management Practices for Paint

For School Site Paint Management Presentation https://www.sandi.net/staff/safety-management/training-presentations

Universal Waste Management

EHS-004 Universal Waste Management UPDATED Feb 2021

Best Management Practices of CRT's