Instructional Materials

Williams Requirements - Instructional Materials

Every school in the district is required to provide sufficient textbooks, or other instructional materials, for all pupils in core subject areas. These instructional materials must be aligned to the content standards and consistent with the cycles of the curriculum frameworks adopted by the State Board of Education. Core subject areas include English language arts (including any English Language Development component of an adopted program), mathematics, history/social science and science. Pupils enrolled in a foreign language or health course must also be provided sufficient instructional materials and adequate science laboratory equipment must be available for science courses in grades 9-12. "Sufficient" textbooks or instructional materials means each pupil, including English learners, has standards-aligned textbook or instructional materials, or both, to use in class and to take home. Note: this does not mean that each pupil is issued two sets of instructional materials, only one set to be used for both purposes.

Suggested Options for Textbook Checkout - This form outlines options for textbook check-out to students at secondary schools.

Below are links to the forms all schools not subject to Williams visits are required to complete

Verification of Student Access to Electronic Versions of District-Adopted Instructional Materials -This form is used for a parent to verify access to electronic versions of district-adopted materials at home when a student chooses this method over print. A copy of this document must be signed by the parent and available for review during an audit or Williams visit by the County Office of Education.

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