List of Schools Subject to Williams Visit by SDCOE (Cohort 4)

Williams Auditable Sites for Cohort 4 (extended until further notice from the California Department of Education)

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Baker Elementary
Burbank Elementary
Carver Elementary
Central Elementary
Chollas/Mead Elementary
Clay Elementary
Crown Point Elementary
Cubberly Elementary

Emerson/Bandini Elementary
Encanto Elementary
Euclid Elementary
Fay Elementary
Foster Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Garfield Elementary

Hamilton Elementary
Horton Elementary
Johnson Elementary
Joyner Elementary
Marshall Elementary
Pacific View Leadership Elementary
Paradise Hills Elementary
Penn Elementary
Perry Elementary

Porter Elementary
Rodriguez Elementary
Ross Elementary
Washington Elementary
Wegeforth Elementary
Zamorano Elementary
  Audubon K-8
Bethune K-8
Fulton K-8
John Muir Language Academy K-8
Perkins K-8
  Bell Middle
Dana 5-6 Middle
Farb Middle
Innovation Middle

Knox Middle
Lewis Middle
Mann Middle
Millennial Tech Middle
Montgomery Middle
Taft Middle
Wilson Middle
  Hoover High
Morse High
Point Loma High
San Diego Business and Leadership
San Diego Science and Technology
  Home & Hospital/Transition Support