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Wellness Centers

The SDUSD Wellness Centers are located on the campuses of Morse, San Diego, and Serra High Schools. Each Center is open to all high school students attending that respective school site.  

Each Wellness Center is staffed by a Wellness Center Coordinator who provides a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental space for students to ask questions, get support, connect to community resources and learn new skills for their well-being.  Wellness Center Coordinators increase student awareness of and access to student support services, promote self agency, and bridge services in collaboration with Community Partners & SDUSD services. These include physical and emotional health resources, as well as referrals to community agencies supporting students. Wellness Center Coordinators also offer students Life Skills Educational materials and programming, through a variety of avenues. Wellness Center Coordinators are active members of the District Wellness Council, School Site Wellness Committees, and integrated within the school culture. 

Virtual Student Wellness Centers:

The Virtual Student Wellness Center provides a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental online space for our students to access a variety of wellness offerings anytime. We aim to increase student agency around healthy decision making & accessing support services as needed. The Virtual Wellness Center offers Wellness Tips, Activities, Site Specific Announcements, Community Opportunities, Life Skills Education & much more! 

Students are also able to directly schedule an appointment with a Wellness Center Coordinator from their school site through Calendly (see Let's Connect --> Schedule an Appointment Tab on our website).

Wellness Center Services:

The Wellness Center Coordinator can connect and provide access to the following resources: 
Cal Fresh, Clothing Aid, Food Assistance, Healthy Relationships, Housing Aid, Legal Aid, LGBTQIA+ Support, Health Insurance Information (Medi-Cal Enrollment), Mental Health Support, Nutrition & Cooking Education & more!

Wellness Center Site Details:

School Wellness Center Coordinator
San Diego High School
1405 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
Nereida Rivera [she, her, hers]
[email protected]
(619) 366-6815
Morse High School
6905 Skyline Dr
San Diego, CA 92114
Rasheedah Rashada [she, her, hers]
[email protected]
(619) 721-3171
Canyon Hills High School
5156 Santo Rd
San Diego, CA 92124
Danielle Octon, MPH [she, her, hers]
[email protected]
(619) 518-4941

If your school does not have a Wellness Center, but you are interested in learning more about SDUSD Wellness Centers- please email [email protected]

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SDUSD Wellness:

The Wellness Centers are a critical component of San Diego Unified School District's Wellness Initiative, launched in 2016.  Wellness Center Coordinators are district employees, working in the Department of Nursing & Wellness under the direction of the Integrated Youth Services Division. 

Wellness Center Coordinators cultivate relationships with community organizations, service provides, and SDUSD programs and services. Their efforts are aligned to and in collaboration with School Counselors, Nursing office/ School Based Health Centers, School Leadership/Administration, Nutrition Services, and many more SDUSD programs and departments. Providing our students and families with a whole community of services is an integral aspect of wellness (please see the links below for more information on SDUSD Wellness).

Nursing & Wellness Links:

- SDUSD Wellness Initiative
- Staff Wellness Website
- District Wellness Council & Wellness Policy Information