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Wellness Policy

Student's playing games on the playgroundObesity is serious health concern and our children are at risk. The Federal government realizes this fact and has made goals to try to battle this. Children spend approximately 900 hours a year in school. School districts that receive federal money are required to improve their food services and physical education.

Each school district is required to create a Wellness Policy that reflects these mandatory changes. Because San Diego Unified is a large district our Wellness Policy follows the Coordinated School Health model. Our Wellness Policy incorporates the following aspects: nutrition, physical education, health education, health services, counseling and support services, healthy school environment, health promotion for staff and family/community involvement.

District Wellness Council meetings occur the second Monday of each month from 3:00 - 4:30pm. Location varies, dependent on month. Please contact District Wellness Program Supervisor for details: [email protected].


San Diego Unified Wellness Policy

The Board of Education recognizes the strong relationship between students' nutrition/fitness/health status and their school attendance, access to education and ability to learn. Good health, facilitated by both knowledge and practice of healthy eating and exercise behaviors and habits, is a major factor in helping students and staff function at optimal levels. See also the Framework for Wellness.

Summary of Assessment of Wellness Implementation

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Wellness Policy and Framework

SDUSD Wellness Policy - English

SDUSD Framework - English

SDUSD Framework - Spanish

SDUSD Framework - Tagalog