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In the News

Highlights from our Department

Our San Diego Unified Police Services Department works diligently to provide safe and caring school environments on all of our campuses. Watch local coverage highlighting the work of our officers in our school communities.

True Blue Buddies

In it's fourth year of the program, SDUSD Police Department has selected Central Elementary to pair students with our police officers. This yearlong mentorship builds caring relationships with the officers, students, and their families. Watch the news footage below to see the wonderful events that brings joy to so many.

11/14/18 - Thanksgiving Dinner with Families

Coverage from True Blue Buddies at Dewey Elementary during the 2017-2018 school year:

08/24/17 - Back to School Shopping at Target

Public Service Announcements

The San Diego Unified Police Services Department in collaboration with the Office of School Innovation and Integrated Youth Services will continue to support Public Service Announcement Video campaign that began in January 2018. Two high schools were selected at the time to pilot "If You See Something Say Something Campaign." The goal of this campaign is to encourage and empower each student to report suspicious and/or criminal activities happening on our school campuses to law enforcement, school staff, anonymously by calling CrimeStoppers or by using the Crime Stoppers App in partnership with San Diego County CrimeStoppers.

Point Loma High School - Call to action video

6/4/18 - Point Loma High School Press Release

Article published in the La Jolla Light "Point Loma students create safety video in light of school threats for San Diego Unified School District"

San Diego High School - If You See Something Say Something video