Board of Directors

The CSA Board has stewardship over the monthly contributions of CSA members and annually distributes those funds in the form of grants to over 100 San Diego County nonprofits.

The volunteer Board is comprised of 10 SDUSD employees: 3 classified staff, 2 administrators, and 5 certificated staff.

Each November an election is held with CSA members voting to fill the seats of the three or four board members whose term is expiring on December 31.  Board members serve a term of three calendar years.


  • Kathaleen Wilson, Teacher, Ibarra Elementary

Vice Chairperson

  • Rhonda Archard, Conf. Admin Asst II, Human Resources

Board Members

  • Sylvia Ehm, ESA, Emerson Bandini Elementary
  • Sabrina Hahnlein, ESA, Ericson Elementary
  • Miranda Padilla, Inschool Res. Teacher, OLA
  • Vivian Vaccarino, Head Counselor II, Henry HS
  • Donald Wood, Teacher, PB Middle
  • Vacancy - Certificated
  • Michele Einspar, Program Mgr, Children & Youth in Transition
  • Jonel Smith, Supervisor, Landscaping Services


  • John Ortler, Secretary/Treasurer